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Carbon Footprint

The car you drive; the public transportation you use, the “carbon” used to manufacture and deliver your commuting bike, heating and air-conditioning your home, airplane flights you take (for work or vacation) – – – – get it?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities (expressed in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide – CO2), and the “average” American has a carbon footprint of 20 tonnes of carbon per year.

Offsetting (a portion of) your carbon footprint is achieved by purchasing Carbon Credits. The “Gold Standard” organization (endorsed by 80+ NGO’s and reviewing more than 1,100 projects in 70 countries seeking certification) works to ensure every dollar of climate and development funding goes as far as it can.

Only offsets from energy efficiency and renewable-energy projects qualify for The Gold Standard, as these projects encourage a shift away from fossil-fuel use and carry inherently low environmental risks. Tree-planting projects are explicitly excluded by The Gold Standard. Gold Standard projects must meet very high additionality criteria to ensure that they contribute to the adoption of additional sustainable-energy projects, rather than simply funding existing projects. The Gold Standard also includes social and environmental indicators to ensure the offset project contributes to sustainable development goals in the country where the project is based. Finally, all Gold Standard projects have been independently verified by a third party to ensure integrity.”

Envirofit, our stove supplier has Gold Standard clean cookstove projects, which generate carbon credits. Gold Standard has verified that each stove in those projects generates $151 per year in Health, Livelihood, Employment and Carbon-Reduction benefits. Envirofit is making these carbon credits available to our “family”.

All of us have a negative impact on the world we share together, but through this carbon credit program we can help take some of the pressure off the planet while profoundly changing the lives of entire families in Nepal.

Lets Make A Difference Together !

Buying Carbon Credits helps offset the remaining (small – 2 tons/year) carbon footprint of our very efficient Envirofit stoves.

Furthermore, each of us (and each of our businesses) have Carbon Footprints (see the information on the left column on this page).

Buying Carbon Offset Credits helps to reduce the inevitable negative impact that we have.

Each Carbon Offset Credit that you buy helps reduce the impact of human activity on the planet (and also makes a supportive contribution to the Himalayan Stove Project), so please participate, with a generous one-time purchase or, better yet, a recurring purchase.

You will receive a certificate acknowledging your purchase, and “retiring” the Envirofit Gold Standard Carbon Credits you have “retired”. Thanks for your participation.

Your account information is handled by a secure third party who specializes in this kind of work and has a secure website, NONE of your personal information is retained by the Himalayan Stove Project. If you ask to be contacted, our provider will send your e-mail address to our secure contact-management provider.

If you wish to “purchase” stoves to support the efforts of the Himalayan Stove Project, please return to our donation page at

after you’ve completed your Carbon Offset Credit purchase

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