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Supporting Donors

Reached the Summit of Mount Everest to support our efforts – they’re flying high.

Hilleberg the Tentmaker
At Camp 3 on Mount Everest, Poised to go up to Camp 4 and on to the Summit.

Rotary Club of Taos (Milagro)
(Our “home” club in Taos, who has supported us generously and consistently, and helps us by spearheading Outreach to Rotary, worldwide. They’re now poised at Camp two, ready for their surge to the Summit)

Mongolian Trekkers 2016
This “gang” has reached Camp 2 of Mount Everest to support our efforts – outstanding).

All of these (below) have made it through the Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest and are poised to make their summit bids:

American Alpine Club (In addition to financial support the AAC will be spreading the word through their 14,000 club membership – as they have been for us from the very beginning of our work in 2011)

Clothing Arts (A consistent supporter, who will be offering a 15% discount to HSP Donors through the Holiday Season 2016 – details to follow)

Yale and Shanti Barbara Jones Jean and Chuck Townsend (These two wonderful couples have been supporting us with consistent, large, donations from the beginning).

These wonderful folks are supporting us from Base Camp, and will soon be climbing higher:

Backpacker’s Pantry
Dave and Tibby Gold
MSR-Global Health
Eddie Bauer
Yvon Chouinard
Sea to Summit
Klean Kanteen

Promotional Partners (helping to spread the word)

Rock and Ice
Expedition News
Adventure Blog
Alan Arnette (Mountaineering blogger)
MountainFilm (Telluride, who give us exhibit space)
American Alpine Club (spreads the word to their 14,000 + members)
The North Face Global Athlete Team (selected members, who originated and supported the Makalu Initiative)
The Explorers Club, and individual members
“The Great Class of “59” (MIT)
MIT’s “D-Lab”
Amazon Smile
Google AdWords (who gives us $40,000 per month in AdWords credits, for our global outreach).

Himalayan Partners (they do the “heavy lifting” in Nepal )

Jai Rajbhandari – general management
Alok Tuladahar – video and still photography
The Lo Gyalpo Jigme Foundation (the family foundation of the former Raja of Mustang)
The Mountain Institute
The Ghorka Foundation
Off The Wall Trekking
Community Action Nepal
The Himalayan Trust (UK)

Will you donate $150 to transform the life of a Nepalese Family?

NEW – Gold Standard Carbon Credits are now available. They will help reduce the already-small carbon footprint of the fuel-efficient Envirofit Stoves, and will allow you to reduce your personal, family or business carbon footprint. Click on the “footprint” logo for more information and to buy

Buy Carbon Credits

Envirofit, our stove supplier, has three Gold Standard clean cookstove projects which generate carbon credits – in India, where they have impacted 500,000 families since 2008; in Honduras where they have impacted 200,000 families since 2013 and a project starting in Tanzania with a target of 75,000 families.

Gold Standard has verified that each stove in those projects generates $151 per year in Health, Livelihood, Employment and Carbon-Reduction benefits.

Envirofit is making these carbon credits available to our “family” as additional support from them for the Himalayan Stove Project. Envirofit retains $5 per credit to cover their costs associated with the verification, certification, and actual “retirement” of each credit and issuance of a certificate to an individual or company seeking to become carbon neutral (an “off-setter”).

The remaining amount is a philanthropic contribution to the Himalayan Stove project. You can purchase as many of these credits as you wish, through our website, to help offset your and your family’s carbon footprint (as well as for your business, or as a gift to others). You can also purchase them to offset the remaining, very small, carbon footprint of one or more stoves that we are delivering in Nepal – each stove has a carbon footprint of 2 tonnes per year.

About Our Credits

EVERYONE has a Carbon Footprint

No matter how environmentally aware you are and how consciously you live your life, YOU HAVE A CARBON FOOTPRINT !

The car you drive; the public transportation you use, the “carbon” used to manufacture and deliver your commuting bike, heating and air-conditioning your home, airplane flights you take (for work or vacation) – – – – get it?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities (expressed in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide – CO2 – a metric tonne is 2,204 English pounds, or 1.102 English tons).

The “average” American has a carbon footprint of 20 tonnes of carbon per year, and the lowest, most green, individual carbon footprint achievable in the US is 8.5 tonnes per person per year (both figures according to an MIT study).

Offsetting (a portion of) your carbon footprint is achieved by purchasing Carbon Credits. An organization called the Gold Standard facilitates this process. It’s a standard and certification organization that works to ensure every dollar of climate and development funding goes as far as it can. Endorsed by 80+ NGO’s and reviewing more than 1,100 projects in 70 countries seeking certification.

“The Gold Standard is widely considered to be the highest standard in the world of carbon offsets. It ensures that key environmental criteria have been met by offset projects that carry its label. Significantly, only offsets from energy efficiency and renewable-energy projects qualify for The Gold Standard, as these projects encourage a shift away from fossil-fuel use and carry inherently low environmental risks. Tree-planting projects are explicitly excluded by The Gold Standard. Gold Standard projects must meet very high additionality criteria to ensure that they contribute to the adoption of additional sustainable-energy projects, rather than simply funding existing projects. The Gold Standard also includes social and environmental indicators to ensure the offset project contributes to sustainable development goals in the country where the project is based. Finally, all Gold Standard projects have been independently verified by a third party to ensure integrity.”

Source: David Suzuki Foundation…Learn more about the Gold Standard at

Our Envirofit clean #CookStoves create a healthier home and help preserve the fragile environment in the high Himalayas of Nepal.

Here is what we do…

We have delivered more than 4,000 stoves, and with the additional benefits of our institutional stoves and the earthquake relief work we did in 2015, we HAVE AFFECTED THE LIVES OF MORE THAN 40,000 PEOPLE!

How much is 40,000 people? It would fill the Houston Astros Stadium – That’s a LOT of people

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