Family has dinner together in their kitchen for the first time, ever

We had an up close and personal experience in changing a family’s life in a remote rural village on Thursday night.

We were delivering stoves in Megere, and the smoke coming from the campfire (yes, open campfire) in the kitchen as they were preparing our “welcome tea-coffee” was so overwhelming pouring out the kitchen door that we had to retreat even further outside – we couldn’t imagine how they could tolerate it for a moment, let alone stay in that choking environment.

We quickly unpacked and installed the stove we were bringing to the family, and “miraculously”, the smoke was gone and there were smiles all around.

After tea-coffee, they prepared an elaborate traditional dinner, and the entire family (and our Himalayan Stove Project Team) sat on the kitchen floor and enjoyed a long, leisurely meal. They told us that this was the first time, ever, that the family had gathered in the kitchen, around the cooking area, and had a meal together.

Changing and transforming the lives of individuals, families and communities, one clean cookstove at a time.

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