“Attaboys & Attagirls”

The Himalayan Stove Project gets a steady stream of “Attaboys” and “Attagirls”, from Himalayan Mountaineers (and other mountaineers, anxious to get to the Himalayas), Medical Professionals, Public Health Officials, Environmentalists, Explorers and Adventurers who come into first-hand contact with the impacts on the planet, and with ordinary, concerned individuals who recognize what we do and the value of our activities.

Here’s a small sampling of the comments we’ve received:

“Well aware and thoroughly inspired by your progressive and outstanding work with HSP, George “Chief Cook” Basch. I just hope future generations of adventurers take a leaf out of your book as an exemplary way to invest their efforts and talents in the future.”

Jason Lewis

“Congrats! Good morning sir. Its nice to see you here and say congrats. May God bless you for your work in the field of improved cook stove for the rural people to save them from carbon in their health.“

Narayan Bhakta Pradhan

The Himalayan Stove Project is an “approved envi­ron­men­tal orga­ni­za­tion” of 1% For The Planet. When the project was inducted, the 1% FTP “Mem­ber­ship Mar­shall” said, “The Himalayan Stove Project exem­pli­fies the direc­tion I’d like to take our non­profit mem­ber­ship in the future – increas­ing the empha­sis on the impor­tance of human­ity in a holis­tic def­i­n­i­tion of sus­tain­abil­ity.”

“The Himalayan Stove Project addresses two challenges of life in the rugged Himalaya : indoor air quality and deforestation. The innovative stove drastically reduces the level of indoor pollutants and does so with less fuel. Less fuel equates to less burden on the surrounding forest. By building local communities into the project, the Himalayan Stove Project has a real and measurable impact on the lives of people in the Himalaya.”

Conrad Anker

We all want to change the world… most of us are kind enough, but not quite creative enough to figure out how to make a difference for people living in challenging circumstances. The Himalayan Stove Project is a tangible, smart, common sense approach.  Well worth getting behind.

Best Regards,  Dave Hahn

Dear George,

So glad to hear about the great progress your Himalayan Stove Project has made. Having been on 7 expeditions to the Himalaya, I can attest to the pressing need for a clean, renewable cooking process. The positive impact on the environment and quality of life cannot be overestimated.

Best wishes for continued success – Sherman Bull, MD

You can say that you have the support of Dr. Bruce Johnson and his Human Physiology Laboratory of the Mayo Clinic, and that we are in the process of building a collaboration on a small project related to respiratory health.

Cordially, Bruce

The Himalayan Stove Project is one of the most appreciated projects in Nepal. What sets this project aside is that there are no direct financial implications, no opportunities for miss-use of funds. This project goes an honest 100% into benefitting those rural Nepali families with cleaner smoke reduced air in their main living areas, and with gentle nurturing communities have been encouraged to consider other ways to help themselves.  One such community made donations for the stoves to a micro finance project, managed by the Mothers’ Group and now nearly all the community are not only contributing, but, receiving expanded benefits from the Himalayan Stove Project.

Ian Wall, Off The Wall Trekking

Thank you for all the good work that you are doing in Mustang with the stoves. I would say that is Dharma in action!

Tsering Dolkar, Kathmandu

Hi George:

Thank you so much for your kind email but there’s no need to thank me.  Yours is a wonderful endeavor and I would like to help you in any way that I can. I’m so glad you enjoyed ECAD (Explorers Club Annual Dinner).  We thoroughly enjoyed you being there and also being a part of our program.

Will Roseman (Explorer’s Club)

Great stuff, George.  Keep it up!

Captain Joel S. Fogel
Board of Directors / Nominated at The Explorer’s Club

Hi George, Its a pleasure to connect, love your stove project, fantastic initiative.

Steven Ballantyne, FRGS (Fellow, Royal Geographical Society)

Thanks, George. It’s nice to be connected. Looks like you are doing some great work. I love the Himalaya and appreciate the work you are doing there.

Jonathan Irish  Program Director, National Geographic Adventures


I’m really excited by the autumn plan when you visit the Gorkha region and the Blustains.  I wish I could accompany you- it will be very rewarding for you!

Carlos Buhler – American Mountaineer – Summitted Mt. Everest on the first successful ascent of the Kangshung Face in 1983

Just wanted to say how much I admire your work with the clean stove. Good to be in touch. And all the best for your continued good work.

Mark Pendergrast

I have heard of your project! Fanstastic work indeed. Thank you for connecting, it is an honor and pleasure.

Greg Brown

I trekked in Nepal nearly 10 years ago and the place really affected me as it seems to affect of lot of others. Your initiative seems like a direct way to make a real practical difference. Thanks for standing up and doing something that allows us all to help.

Brett Leeder

I think the work you do is fantastic and I can only hope that some day I can achieve the same level of impact that you have already reached.

Phillip Hover-Smoot
Director, The Mountain Mind Foundation

Great Initiative!!!!

Bidya Pradhan

Great work. I saw the video you had made-what a way to transform someones way of life through innovation and implementation.

Gerry Lamanski

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