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In case you missed it on the home page, here’s a short video (2-1/2 minutes) that gives you a quick overview of our entire program:

Domestic/Family Stove Program

Our philanthropic program is organized for efficiency in reaching the recipients of our domestic/family stoves in the most direct and cost effective manner.

Dark EyesWe rely on our Himalayan Partners to identify and reach the people who will benefit the most from our stoves. Our Himalayan Partners have decades of experience (centuries in the case of the former Royal Family of Mustang), in serving “their” communities. They know their people and the needs.

They recommend and we, together, determine the quantities going to specific villages, and they arrange the transport logistics from our warehouse in Kathmandu – each situation is unique, and they have the expertise to handle it.

Our senior US staff is all-volunteer. We and we have a wonderful Nepal country manager, Jai Rajbhandari, who works hard, tirelessly and effectively, and is worth much more than we’re able to pay him.

Our Himalayan Partners include:

Nepalese woman with firewood

  • Lo Gyalpo Jigme Foundation – the family foundation of the (former) Royal Family of Mustang, a harsh, sparsely settled region inhabited by ethnic Tibetans. The Royal Family traces their roots back to the founder of their dynasty – Ame Pal – in 1380 – Jigme Bista, the Crown Prince and our principal contact, is the 22nd direct descendant – he tells us “I have his bones”
  • The Himalayan Trust (HT) – founded by Sir Edmund Hillary in the 1960’s when he began his great philanthropic work to help the Sherpa people in the Mount Everest region.
  • Community Action Nepal (CAN) – a UK based charity, founded by renowned British Mountaineer Doug Scott CBE to help the mountain people of Nepal. They have numerous health posts and nurses stations (and other activities) throughout Nepal, and are a valued partner and friend.
  • The Mountain Institute (MI) – they have been active in the mountain regions of Nepal for over thirty years, doing numerous highly innovative programs to improve the physical and economic health of the communities that they serve – they highly experienced, with wonderful programs and an outstanding staff.
  • The Gorkha Foundation – A grassroots organization working (and succeeding) in improving living conditions and strengthen the economy and educational base in the Gorkha region (traditional home of the legendary Gurkha soldiers).
  • Off The Wall Trekking – A highly accomplished specialty trekking agency that has close and long-standing roots in Nepal – Ian Wall (from the UK) has lived and worked in Nepal for over 10 years, and his wife, Sarita, a Registered Nurse, grew up in the Middle Hills village of Megere, which has become the prototype of our very successful program to help energize the economic health of the communities we serve.

One of the Key Elements of our Program is Community Participation in the cost of the stoves, so that recipients have “skin in the game” and value the stove.

Our Himalayan Partners recommended, from the beginning of our program, that the recipients of our domestic stoves MUST make a contribution to the cost of the stoves (and we have followed that advice).

Each community determines that amount of the family contribution (uniformly for each stove recipient family), and that money stays in the community and is used for community purposes (see our “Latest News” section for some great success stories).

Domestic /Family Stove Program

This is the basic stove that our Himalayan Partners deliver and install – it uses biomass fuel – the same fuel presently being used – wood, dung, crop waste – just a lot less – fuel savings of up to 75% and, with the chimney system we fabricate in Nepal, Household Air Pollution (HAP) is reduced by 90%

Stove Side Sig

New program supporting the Tibetan Refugee Community

There was one particularly gratifying accomplishment on our October/November 2014 visit to Nepal trip – we completed an arrangement with the Tibetan Refugee Welfare Office (essentially the Dalai Lama’s representative in Nepal) to provide stoves to Tibetan Refugees in outlying village settlements, as well as to Tibetan Monks and Nuns in monasteries and convents throughout the country.

This is an under-served and overlooked population, subject to significant political pressures, and we’re honored to be able to make their lives a little better and healthier (and at the same time reducing deforestation and making a small, but measurable, contribution to reducing Global Warming).

Progress of our program to date, and continuing need

Demand / need for our clean cookstoves in Nepal is vast – we estimate that over one million stoves are needed in the upper elevations alone, and as many as six million countrywide.

We have delivered more than 4,000 stoves – “only 996,000 to go” – and with the additional benefits of our institutional stoves and the earthquake relief work we did in 2015, we HAVE AFFECTED THE LIVES OF MORE THAN 40,000 PEOPLE! How much is 40,000 people? It would fill the Houston Astros Stadium – That’s a LOT of people! But obviously funding for our all-volunteer, low overhead operation is the critical issue.

Every dollar helps!

Two New Envirofit Clean CookStove Institutional Models

Envirofit has developed two new, larger, institutional models, designed to provide fuel efficient, low smoke cooking for mass-feeding uses – schools, orphanages, monasteries and convents, community centers, tea houses and restaurants – anywhere where food needs to be prepared in quantity, quickly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

These stoves reduce smoke and toxic emissions by up to 90%, and vent smoke out of the kitchen.

We have just launched (December 2014) the distribution of these two new stoves.

Envirofit Logo

HM-5000 Griddle Top

HM-5000 Griddle Top




HM-5000 Griddle Top is the world’s fastest most fuel-efficient biomass cookstove. This self-standing modern appliance optimizes heat distribution across the cooking surface while eliminating warping, making it reliable, easy to use, and simple to clean.

  • Time to boil 1 liter of water – 6 minutes
  • Fuel use reduction up to 60%
  • Smoke & toxic emissions reduction up to 60% – (Chimney virtually eliminates indoor emissions)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reduction 65%
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) reduction 70%
  • Fuel use – 2 kg wood will prepare a meal for 7 people. (HSP Data)
  • Size 87.5 x 72 x 126 cm – Weight 37kg
  • Shipping size – 93.5 x 76 x 39 cm 56.7kg – 56.7 kg

EFI-100 Liter Institutional Stove is Envirofit’s largest fuel-efficient clean cookstove. Delivering unmatched performance, this100-liter pot stove meets the highest benchmark for emissions, efficiency and safety.

  • Time to boil 75 liters of water – 48 minutes
  • Fuel use reduction 80%
  • Smoke & toxic emissions reduction 90% – (Chimney virtually eliminates indoor emissions)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reduction 80%
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) reduction 90%
  • Average fuel use “three sticks of wood” (Envirofit Anecdotal Data)
  • Pot Size 100 Liters
  • Size – 90 x 100 x 101 cm – Weight 71 kg
  • Shipping size – stove 70 x 71 x 88 cm, chimney 104 x 12 x 34 cm – 78.8kg

Ron Bills, CEO of Envirofit, says:

“The Envirofit Institutional Stoves are amazing products…

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from domestic stoves, being the world leader at the household level, and applied that knowledge and experience over four years of concentrated engineering and product development work towards making ruggedized, durable commercial products saving massive amounts of fuel, for schools, orphanages, monasteries, convents and institutions”.

Envirofit – making the world fit for humanity

Envirofit Logo

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