Turn Left at the Ostrich


The AAC Power Shot: (left to right) Jim Whittaker; David Dingman; Norman Dyhrenfurth; Tom Hornbein, of our Board of Advisors; HSP “Chief Ambassador,” Shyena Venice; and George Basch, “Chief Cook.”

The American Alpine Club held a celebratory event in Oakland, California, in February, and very generously provided display space to us so that we could show a sell-out crowd our stove and tell people, one-on-one about our project – thanks AAC! Especially Phil Powers and Keegan Young.

In March, the Explorer’s Club held it’s annual meeting in New York City (they’ve had it in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria every year since 1904), celebrating Exploration, as they always do, including Everest. They very generously gave us display space in the pre-meeting reception, right next to the roasted Ostrich with his (her?) neck sticking 5 feet above thehors d’oeuvre table.

We were easy to find – “turn left at the Ostrich” – and special thanks to Jeff Blumenfeld and Will Roseman.

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