Will you donate $150 to tranform a Nepalese family’s life like this?

Help change the world one CleanCookStove at a time. We are saving lives in the high Himalayas of Nepal.
4.3 Million people, worldwide, die each year from the effects of Household Air Pollution caused by dirty cookstoves.

-World Health Organization

Consider giving the gift of a clean cook stove in honor of a loved one(s) and / or a friend(s).

Click on the image above to do so.

Transformation Collaborative

Your Donation will help transform the lives of more people.

$150 provides a stove – donate what your heart tells you to.

Every dollar helps!

NEW – Gold Standard Carbon Credits are now available. They will help reduce the already-small carbon footprint of the fuel-efficient Envirofit Stoves, and will allow you  to reduce your personal, family or business carbon footprint. Click on the “footprint” logo for more information and to buy carbon credits

What We Do and Why

The Himalayan Stove Project is a US Based, not-for-profit philanthropic project. We believe that each of us have a moral responsibility to ‘give back’ to this world. We believe in the …

How We Do It

Our “business model” is simple and direct. We undertake those tasks that we do well, and bring competent partners into our program to do the things that they do well. We are staffed almost …

Our Success

Our first pilot deployment of 48 stoves was put into the field in November 2010. As of mid 2015 we have distributed over 3,000 stoves in numerous communities in the Nepal Himalayas, from the Sikkim / …

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